With the Sievers Benchwork system, you are the designer. The PDF template sheets (available below) show you all of the available modules, with the outside perimeter measurements marked in inches.

Begin by printing copies of the template sheets (heavy stock paper works best). Cut the individual Sections apart and use them in planning your table layout. Once you have completed that, calculate the placement of the Leg Assembly Units, spacing them approximately every 3 feet (see below). When this is completed, make a list of the Section sizes and numbers you have used, and you are finished--now you can place your order. You are on your way to getting your layout up and your trains on the tracks. Happy railroading!

Note: The templates are drawn to a scale of 3/4" = 1 foot (1/16" = 1 inch). However, because printers and type sizes differ, the templates you print out may be different from this scale. If you are using graph paper to design your layout and require accurate, "to scale" templates, please contact us and request a mailed brochure.

Sievers Benchwork
Template PDF

Choose this link and download the modeling template sheets in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Print the pages out on heavy index or manilla card stock and cut out the pieces to create your own benchwork layout.

Download Complete Template PDF

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Download Order Form PDF

The ever popular E (right), which can be changed and rearranged in dozen of ways. Can also be extended or reduced if desired.
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Track plan reprinted from the May, 1985 issue of Model Railroader magazine with permission of Kalmbach Publishing Co.
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