About Sievers Benchwork


The Sievers Benchwork system consists of a number of different standard sizes of open-grid sections. These modules can be simply bolted to each other, making the system adaptable to any size or type of layout.

You may start small and later expand your layout, adding as many more modules as your budget and work area allow. Roadbed may be fastened directly to the Benchwork grid, or you may choose to add a surface of some sort, such as plywood or Homosote board for track support. The open grid-work creates an ideal foundation for adding a contoured landscape through the use of risers. Designed for the serious model railroader, as well as for the beginner, the possibilities of the Sievers Benchwork modules are limitless.


The layout shown to the right covers an area of 7 x 15 feet (approx. cost – $1140, plus shipping). It was assembled by a person who had never set up benchwork before, and was timed to see how long it would take. Incredible as it may seem, he completed it in under three hours.

Imagine what it would cost you, and how many hours of your time it would take to drive to your local lumberyard and hardware store, buy all of the uncut lumber, screws, nuts and bolts, plus all of the tools you would need – tape measure, square, saw, drill and countersink – load them into your car, drive back home, unload, then mark, measure, cut, drill and sand all of the wood pieces, plus assemble them. And, would your layout be accurate and square?

Sievers Benchwork allows you to spend your time on what you want to do most. Why get into carpentry, when what you want to do most is create your railroad?


The Sievers Benchwork modules may be combined to make a framework support of any size, so it can be used for any gauge of model train you own, be it HO, G, N, O, S, Z, etc. You can mix and match the Sections to create a layout that goes straight, around corners, at angles, on single or multi-levels, and at various gradients.


“The craftsmanship, fit and instructions are absolutely superior!  This is the best investment I have made for my model railroad!”

“Just a note to say that the benchwork I ordered is of excellent quality.  It was a pleasure assembling the sections…a quality product, thank you.”

“I believe my first order was 25 years ago.  It has been the groundwork of my railroad, including one move and three re-designs without any issues.”

“Your product is easy to use…I find it adaptable to make changes…everything fits!”

“I was very pleased with both the quality of the materials and the workmanship.  Also, having purchased lumber from my local home improvement stores, I can say with certainty that your materials are superior to what they sell.”

Model Railroaders
Sievers Benchwork layout created by Frank V.
Modeling for Model Railroaders
7' x 15' - approximate cost $1140, plus shipping
Modeling for Model Railroaders
Our benchwork supporting the growing layout of our customer, Robert D.
Basic Model Railroad Track Plans
Assembled modules and angle sections ready to be joined into a layout.
Building A Model Railroad
One 2448 Section and 2 L24 Leg Assembly Units with supplied hardware.
Model Railroaders

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