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With simple basic tools – a Phillips-head screwdriver a 7/16″ wrench and a hammer – you will be able to assemble your benchwork with ease. Pre-drilled bolt holes and pilot holes for screws are provided on each piece. Once your bench is together, the wires and cables for your track can be easily strung through the pre-drilled matching holes in the Cross Braces. Roadbed may be fastened directly to the Benchwork grid, or you may choose to add a surface of some sort for track support, such as 3/8”plywood or Homosote board using 1”or 1 ¼”drywall screws to attach it to the benchwork.

Section-to-Section Assembly:  Carriage bolts are provided in the hardware packs to bolt your assembled Sections together.  Pre-drilled 1/4″ holes are spaced every 4″ on each Side Rail and Cross Brace so that Sections can be connected side to side or end to end.  If you are attaching two Sections where legs are placed, you will need longer carriage bolts.  Please ask.

Click to download Assembly Instruction Sheet

**Assembly instructions included with each order**


Credit/Debit card orders may be placed online or by phone.  Orders may also be placed by mail.


All orders are packed in cardboard cartons which can hold approximately $400.00 worth (about 45 lb.) of unassembled benchwork. (Angle Sections are shipped preassembled.) Orders may be shipped by UPS Ground or US Mail and are generally sent within 3-5 business days of the order date. Expect to pay at least 20% of your benchwork total for shipping.  Note: Shippers assess additional handling charges on boxes over 48″, over 50 lbs. and for 3045 Angle Sections.

5 1/2% Sales Tax will be charged to Wisconsin residents.

Credit/Debit card orders will be shipped prepaid, with shipping costs charged at the time of shipment.  

This UPS Ground Transit map shows the approximate number of days for delivery once entered in their system. 

Shipping costs* on orders paid by check or money order must also be prepaid:

For orders under $100.00…
Add 25% of your benchwork total ($30.00 minimum)
For orders over $100.00…
Add 20% of your benchwork total.

*These costs are approximate. We will either refund or bill you for any difference in actual shipping costs, once your order is packed and weighed.


Disassembly is equally effortless – simply loosen the bolts that hold the sections together and there you are! You can move your layout to another room or building, put them back together as they were, or try a new combination. Additional modules can also be added, whenever you choose. We keep plenty in stock, and they will always match the ones you purchase today.


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